Welcome to The Modern Day Wizard

The Modern Day Wizard is both a successful businessman and spiritual seeker. He is deeply committed to his own inner exploration and to enlightening others. He is both recognised in the outer world as a successful businessman with a sharp intellect and acumen, as well as being seen as an inner world guide with a deep insight and mystical intuition.

The Modern Day Wizard never takes himself too seriously. His gifts include his unorthodox humorous approach, innate empathy and uncanny ability to identify core blocks within individuals and organisations, which allows openings and the possibility of change akin to the casting of spells – it is literally creating alchemy.

Alchemy owes its roots to the Medieval Quest for the elixir to life based on an ability of turning base metals into gold. Alchemy is both philosophy and an ancient practise focused on achieving transformation and transmutation leading to wisdom and inner freedom.

The Modern Day Wizard creates an alchemical shift through transforming old destructive patterns and emotions which are no longer serving the individual or the group. The modern day base metal is compulsive thinking, addiction to worry and anxiety, loneliness, isolation, independence, lack of purpose, emptiness, lack of fulfilment and loss of hope. The transformation is into a way of being, more precious than gold – experience release of mental torment, inner freedom, spontaneity, joy, deep intimacy, true partnership, fulfilment, career success and rediscovering your soul purpose.

The Promise

If you have the courage to confront your internal blocks and denial, you will experience daily transformation and energetic shift in the form of:

  1. More freedom
  2. More joy and spontaneity
  3. Greater trust
  4. More presence in your life
  5. Less compulsive thinking
  6. Deeper intimacy
  7. Release from addiction
  8. Diminished fear and anxiety
  9. True partnership
  10. Alignment with Universal intelligence
  11. Enhanced capacity for self love and love of others
  12. Ease of forgiveness

The only requirement for an alchemical shift is the willingness to let go of the attachment to old destructive patterns which are no longer serving you.

We understand that many people who are most in need of help may also be the ones least able to afford the cost of individual sessions and/or courses. As a result and as part of The Modern Day Wizard’s commitment to widespread healing we are now offering a number of free sessions every month. Please feel free to apply here giving a brief account of your situation and the particular course or session that you think will most help.