Couples Sessions

couples-sessionsAre you struggling to sustain intimacy in your relationship? Is your relationship driving you demented? Do you feel that there is too much volatility or does your relationship feel dead, devoid of passion? Are you on the edge of giving up? Which scares you more; the relationship continuing in its present form or being on your own?

There are many myths around relationships but one of the myths that operates consciously and unconsciously is that if you find the partner of your dreams, then everything will be effortless, joyous and harmonious, with a few exasperating days in between. No one tells us that true intimate relationships are incredibly difficult, particularly if you have found your love match.

Anna and Andrew Wallas are not relationship experts but through their own relationship struggles and through working with other couples, they have immense experience and wisdom of relationship dynamics.   They have developed their own unique lense for looking at the internal conscious and unconscious dynamics of a relationship which are keeping couples stuck in the same patterns over and over again. What sets them apart is that they only work in 2-3 hour sessions, which allows for an in-depth exploration of the destructive patterns, the litany of unfair scripts, the catalogue of unmet need and the hurts from which each partner has never recovered.

All couples create a dynamic which Anna and Andrew describe as “power struggle” and despite the best intentions of both parties, no solution can ever be found from this polarised position. In their own relationship, Anna and Andrew have discovered that time and time again when they step out of power struggle into partnership, situations that they found overwhelming and utterly intractable become easily solvable. With sensitivity and skill, Anna and Andrew support couples to step out of their power struggle and into partnership.

Many of the couples they see are in crisis and are at the point of splitting up. Anna and Andrew have discovered that despite layers of loathing and blaming, it is possible for couples in one session to re-connect with and re-discover the excitement and joy of the early relationship. The difficulty is sustaining this connection in everyday life. Anna and Andrew provide tools and emotional support to encourage couples in the daily discipline and commitment to secure lasting change.

Andrew draws upon thirty years of working with individuals and groups based upon several formal trainings in psychotherapy. Anna began working with Andrew with couples organically and they discovered that their shared commitment for truth created its own relationship alchemy. Unusually open about their own relationship dynamic, they create a safe space by being relatable to, humorous, fun, intuitive, wise and brutally honest.

Each session lasts 2 – 3 hours and costs £420.00

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Couples Session with The WizardTo be arranged£420