Couples Sessions

Based upon their explosive and dynamic relationship, Andrew and Anna Wallas offer couples sessions for those seeking greater partnership. In any relationship, we are either in power struggle or partnership. We all carry substantial baggage from past relationships, especially from our family of origin. In any partnership, unhealthy patterns and dynamics of relating occur which ensure that we do not obtain the intimacy and harmony for which we long.

Through working with couples organically, Andrew and Anna have developed a modality which breaks through old patterns and allows couples to re-connect with the joy and passion of their early relationship.

Andrew draws upon thirty years experience of working with individuals and groups based upon several formal trainings in psychotherapy. Anna has no formal training in this respect. She draws upon her twenty five year experience as a journalist writing about her own inner exploration. She brings her trademark brutal honesty and highly developed intuition to each session.

Together they allow couples to reclaim their authentic masculine and feminine power. All too often, we relate to each other from the inauthentic masculine and feminine positions which create independence, separation and lack of trust.

Every session provides an opportunity for a couple to create a deep connection and offers new ways of relating. The session lasts approximately two hours and costs £340.00

Please use the link below to book and pay for a couples session (please note PayPal accept debit or credit cards if you don’t have a PayPal account). Once payment is confirmed, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your session.

Couples Session with The WizardTo be arranged£340