Creating Financial Security

Why is it that so many highly skilled, trained and talented professionals have such a difficult time creating financial security for themselves? Many people struggle because they are unable to identify the subconscious blocks that are running and ruining their lives.

Over time, we have found again and again, that many trained, skilled and talented people seem to have a blockage in relation to creating and sustaining financial security for themselves and/or their families.

Is it because we don’t need it? Is it because we don’t want it? Is it because we are holding on to deeply held beliefs and patterns that unconsciously block the creation and attraction of money?

What makes this exploration unique is that this is not yet another self-empowering course about making money or about practical ways to create wealth or manage investments. So there is no learning, information or education. No affirmations.

This is about shifting our internal patterns. This course is offering an inside job. You go within or you go without.

In this powerful one-day process, we will identify the blockages and create a new energetic flow in relation to money. If you have the courage, leave your outside world alone for a while and concentrate on your inner world – the outer world will reflect the internal shifts you make.

Creating Financial Security course dates are shown below. This course is currently available at Hotel Du Vin in Henley on Thames – for more information see Venues.

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